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And now, a word from our sponsors

November 5, 2011


I joined Issues in Publication and Design as an elective class, in order to expand my knowledge. Though it jumped off from my technical writing classes, I hadn’t done those for over a year, so my knowledge was a bit rusty. However, as the class progressed, I was able to see how it expanded into […]

Blinkered eyes make easier lies

October 31, 2011


So. I was on a plane, right? And I saw a man about to die. Dramatic, I know, but on the little screen set into the back of the headrest of the chair before me, Muammar Gadhafi was being held on the back of a car as screaming Libyan revolutionary fighters cheered their victory at […]

Grumpy people, and how to deal with them… in a legal and ethical manner

October 24, 2011


For today’s class we had to write the following piece into three forms appropriate for each genre. Smart-Series-How-To-Deal-With-Grumpy-Moody-Co-Workers[1] The piece involves an advertisement flier for an interactive workshop on how to deal with moody, grumpy and belligerent staff. It is aimed at people holding leadership or managerial positions over teams that would have members exhibiting […]

You’re missing the point here

October 20, 2011


I was going to blog about something totally different and completely relevant, but this has just compelled me to throw all of that out of the nearest window and hammer away at my keyboard with the gusto of someone truly enraged. Don’t worry. I’ll blog about the other thing soon. Probably. Most likely. Anyway. So the […]

Brochure exercise

October 20, 2011


The purpose of this class was to create a brochure for the South Australian Country Women’s Association. The brochure was to attract younger women to the cause, which is dominated by a more mature-aged population of women. The brochure is to include the important details, as well as pictures that offer no illusion as to […]

Sticks and stones…

October 14, 2011


I really should just advertise for the Advertiser. However, even though I came across this news, again whilst perusing the newspaper during my lunch break, this is Australia-wide news, and very relevant to media in South Australia especially. During the Film Festival in South Australia, a film was screened featuring an Iranian woman without her […]

Piping Shrike exercise

October 10, 2011


For today’s class, we had to design a flier advertising for poets to submit for the university’s annual Piping Shrike publication.   The flier had to contain all of the relavent information, and appeal to the target audience.   Here is mine.       The full page sample of the work