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Posted on November 5, 2011


I joined Issues in Publication and Design as an elective class, in order to expand my knowledge. Though it jumped off from my technical writing classes, I hadn’t done those for over a year, so my knowledge was a bit rusty. However, as the class progressed, I was able to see how it expanded into the visual aspect as well as the writing aspect.

Seeing the culmination of people’s effort and knowledge in the final presentation was extremely interested, as you could see who had the drive and passion for what they were doing, as well as the skill. Presenters such as Hannah and Ursula who had a flair for what they were doing created a sense of dread for people such as myself when they went next. It was clear to see that a few people were panicking, or were not completely organised, and I don’t want to cast any judgement on them because I don’t know how I, myself looked. People showed great videos, such as Eric, and ingenuity, such as Victoria’s cardboard people. It was unfortunate that some people seemed to misunderstand the task, and others were not able to present everything, although that is more out of concern for them and their marks.

The class was an interesting experience, and I found myself feeling passionately about the media issues, especially in regards to censorship. I’ve always felt strongly about censorship, but it was in the weekly blog that I was able to express it greatly. It’s unfortunate that my other commitments meant that I couldn’t do more with it.

I hope that if nothing more, I have gained an appreciation of the effort that goes into published works that I normally wouldn’t enter into, such as magazines, advertisements and information handouts.

The class was interesting and informative and I am glad to have shared the experience with everyone.


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