Grumpy people, and how to deal with them… in a legal and ethical manner

Posted on October 24, 2011


For today’s class we had to write the following piece into three forms appropriate for each genre.


Woman, that is not your job!

The piece involves an advertisement flier for an interactive workshop on how to deal with moody, grumpy and belligerent staff. It is aimed at people holding leadership or managerial positions over teams that would have members exhibiting these personalities, and focuses on how to optimise their work contribution.




Are your bosses grumpy more than usual?

Are your co-workers painfully unco-operative?

Is your staff more belligerent than you can stand?

Do you have no choice but to deal with it?

Ian J. Wilson has twenty years of experience under his belt as Principal Consultant with the Australian Institute of Management and has turned his expertise in providing unique learning perspectives for current and future leaders in the Australian industry. Combined with CareerOne Smart Series, he will be hosting an interactive workshop on Tuesday, May 11, to assist managers, leaders and workers in dealing with the more problematic members of their employ. It will be hosted at the Centre for Management Development, 180 Port Road, Hindmarsh, with registrations at 3 pm, ending at 5 pm the same day. Prices are $45 for members and $60 for non-members, and well worth it. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us before May 7, because we may run out of seats fast!

Contact: (08) 8241 8000



Getting the most out of uncooperative co-workers

With over twenty years of experience at the Australian Institute of Management, Principal Consultant Ian J. Wilson has had a great deal of experience with moodiness in the workplace. Be it from uncomfortable conversations at the water cooler to outright belligerence in important meetings, Ian Wilson has advised many a current and future leader in the workplace on how best to manage this moody mayhem. CareerOne is offering a single interactive workshop with Wilson on the 11th of May for all those experiencing these troubles, and wanting to solve them. Please RSVP before May 7th, as seats will go quickly.

Venue: Centre for Management Development
                180 Port Road

Time:    3:00 pm (Registration and Networking)
                3:30 pm – 5:00 pm (Workshop)

Price:    $45 for members
                $60 for non-members

Contact: (08) 8241 8000




Managerial staff,

                                For those of you that have brought recent issues to light, we would like to draw your attention to an interactive workshop being offered that specifically deals with how to manage belligerent, grumpy and moody staff. Whilst we work on the problem from one end, it would be beneficial to us if you would make an attempt to attend the workshop, if only to ensure that there is nothing more you can do on yours.
                                For those of you that have experienced great difficulty with the matter, it has been approved that you take the early afternoon off, and you will be partially reimbursed by the company for your troubles.
                                Any others wishing to take the brief course, please see me or another member of the HR group to see if we cannot get the same for you. This is an important matter for the company and we, as well as Mr Berenson, would like to see it resolved peaceably. The details of the workshop will be attached to this email.

Thank you


Chief of Human Resources



Personally, I’d just kick their asses into gear.


 But I guess that’d be counterproductive.

Damn it woman! We lost another one!

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