Editing Exercise

Posted on October 7, 2011


Editing exercise 1

  1. Please let e know if there are any reports left to edit.
  2. Please let wait there for your orders.
  3. Their efforts to address the inconsistencies went unnoticed.
  4. She was the harder worker of the two.
  5. The lecturer went off to teach in Dubai.
  6. They should have known better.
  7. The exam was too difficult for the new students.
  8. The students were too nervous to read the questions carefully.
  9. She went to close the door and stood too close to the dog.
  10. Most students know when it’s time to hand up their assignments.
  11. The leopard cannot change its spots.
  12. The dog knew its master’s voice
  13. The group is not hungry because it’s had its lunch.
  14. We all need to accept the things we can’t change.
  15. I give all students feedback except the ones who won’t accept it.
  16. Can we get your advice on how to proceed with the proposal?
  17. The manager will be able to advise us on what the strategy is best.
  18. The CEO and the general manager complement each other in their approach to staff management.
  19. The guests were full of compliments for the host.
  20. He reported the incident to the head of personnel.
  21. I agree with you in principle.
  22. The principle feature of the building is its large staircase.
  23. Do you know where we are supposed to leave our assignments.
  24. This semester’s exams were very hard.


Editing exercise 2

  1. I shall not complain to the head of personnel.
  2. I’m not averse to the idea
  3. The politician was not particularly discreet about the matter.
  4. He refused to pay his council rates.
  5. I like most vegetables, but I loathe spinach and brussel sprouts.
  6. They agreed in principle to the suggestion.
  7. I will forward your letter to the chairman.
  8. This wine would be a wonderful complement to any meal.
  9. To mark this historic occasion, the Queen will give a speech.
  10. It’s a personal issue, and I will not discuss it in public.
  11. The newspaper article included an allusion to the PM’s scandalous past.
  12. The foreword should be written by an expert in the field.
  13. Our project is divided into discrete parts.
  14. The script will be reworked before filming begins.
  15. My music teacher told me to practice my chords.
  16. This is the scrip for my thousand shares in Telstra.
  17. These documents are of historic interest.
  18. She will counsel the student before making any recommendations.
  19. It wasn’t real; it was just an illusion.
  20. Poor Bill had an adverse reaction to the flu injection.
  21. He paid her an unexpected compliment.
  22. The school principal spoke to her parents.
  23. I’m loath to give him any more money; he will just waste it.
  24. The child pulled out the telephone cord.


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