Turns Out I Haven’t Forgotten Everything

Posted on September 9, 2011



So, as it turns out, I’ve retained some of the technical writing communication education that I received in my first year. Well, at least enough that when I was confronted with the Adelaide Hiring Company website, <http://www.australian-hiring.com.au/&gt;, I was able to recoil in absolute horror at what I was seeing before me.

What on Earth is this?

I hope that the person who owns the site (or the site designer) never sees this blog, but here, free in the anonymity of cyberspace, I am going to say that that site was just bad. Bad bad bad. No. Actually. I hope the designer sees it, and I hope they’re a pseudo-professional, and I hope I pop their ego, because if they charge hapless companies and individuals to produce this… nightmare, then I am happy to run them out of business.

The site was unappealing to say the least, with the front page so cluttered with information that I was going crosseyed by the time I actually realised that there was an unnecessary section of font and colour change in the sidebar.


 Also, why is this random tab coloured?

I don't understand!


  And why doesn’t it change tabs when I change pages?

What page am I on again, hunny?

As I said. Nightmare.

While some pages make sense, and are quite orderly…

Like this one

And this one

And this was just flat out impressive

… other pages just left me staring at the screen in confusion.

What... What??



The site can’t make up its mind in what it wants to be; professional or friendly and open. Because it tries to be both, it just seems ridiculously confusing. They have broken links, pixelated pictures, inconsistent text and a bland colour scheme that hurts my eyes.

According to the handout, they wanted to be more like the Virgin website, and they liked the fact that their page appealed to a primarily female customer market by appearing like a magazine. But magazines like Cleo, Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend have to be bought. New Ideas needs to be opened. Woman’s Weekly have enticing stories inside. They need to make money. This site needs to make money and, frankly, I’m surprised they have at all.

Sorry. That sounds mean.

Their prices are good, and they offer such a huge variety of product that I


would actually consider hiring them, but their website puts me off. What if I wanted to host a wedding? And being Bridezilla, (Maniacal Bride + Godzilla = Groom’s Worst Nightmare) I know exactly what I want it to look like. No offence catering company, but you’re just there to seat my guests and look nice. That’s what I’m paying you for.

However, as mean as I am in this blog, I am only doing so because it is a blog, and not technically a professional one (let’s face it, they’re morbidly boring). But it’s also because I filled out a sheet stating, quite professionally, problems that I encountered with their site, and ways that they might fix it, should they choose to do so.

See? I can be nice

I remained cordial and professional, keeping a clinical but courteous tone throughout the sheet. I advised them on what they could do, rather than telling them. I made it sound like it was because the customer was lacking in mental faculties that they had to go to such lengths, not because of any fault on their behalf. Most of all, I made sure it was their choice. All of these skills I learned during my Technical Writing class in my very first year. Who knew a class I didn’t think I would ever need again would come in so handy? Thank you Jodie George for making what could have been mind-numbingly boring be entertaining and engaging. I owe this to you.

And the Style Manual, of course. That thing is a Godsend to professional writers of all calibres.

Cue angelic chorus

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